Disclaimer :

I am neither a CULINARY EXPERT nor FOOD CRITIC as i was graduated from Visual Communication Design major, and have no interest in kitchen stuffs. So yes, i wrote everything in this blog based in my personal experience as someone who undeniably loves to eat, loves to take drooling pictures, and have a passion to tell stories. Every single words i wrote in this blog based in HONESTY, which means you won’t consider judging me to be paid by restaurants that i praised frequently. And please do remember that taste is personal, so when you don’t like any subject i’ve previously recommended, there might be something different in our tongue and we might be unsynchronized to have meal on the same table. But it’s alright, because once again – taste is personal. A treasure for me might be a trash to somebody.

Shakehand To New Friends

As i’ve ever written in my very first blog post (in May 2015),

HI ! I am Jack Putera Ratnagra, usually called Jack for short.
Yes, i was born in 1992 means i am still 90’s kid who understand how the old generations lived before internet was cool. And No, Jackmagnifico is NOT my real name. It is sort of piece of my teenagehood nickname that i used for gaming. (Yeah.. late 90s kids love game too.)
Long story short, i was too lazy to change my whole email & social media account that used “magnifico” for the username and i let it be. But unexpectedly, since i surfed and became active Instagram user with @jackmagnifico username, it is sorta making my own fortune. Thanks God, because without His grace, i won’t be who i am right now.

F.A.Q : Weapons of choice



Just to tell a story, pic above was taken by my friend Philip as a main wedding photographer in Moire Photography, Surabaya. And you can compare to the previous pic above, how much i’ve gained thru the delicious journey until now? LOL.

Back to the question, i am currently using a mirrorless camera named Fujifilm X-T2 with XF 35mm f/1.4 lens, XF 18mm f/2 lens & XF 56mm f/1.2 lens and for some easier terms i use iPhone 7+.

As most of the photographers & the person who made this quote said,

The best camera is the one you have with you – Chase Jarvis

Yeah, camera is not everything. It depends on how you use it and how much your willing to learn more. By the way, every picture shown in this blog is owned by  © Jackmagnifico and should not be used without permission.

Probably A Solution To What You Need

I accept inquries for Food Photography service, freelance candid photographer for events, and furthermore.. I am also working as Social Media Management, specifically for F&B industry (Cafe & Restaurants). Writing is my hobby, photography is my passion, social media is my universe, and i think this offer is such a problem-solver for you busy restauranteurs that shouldn’t even bother thinking how to market your brand in social media scoop, while you have thousand other things to do. There always another people to do this job.

Nuff Intro, Let’s Get Connected.

Yeah, this blog is a right platform for me to spill my passion in food, photography, and travel.
I love to see people drool looking at my picture, my stories, and whatever i believe in.
If you love food as much as i do, please subscribe to this blog thru the section in the top-right of this page. I’ll deliver mouthwatering updates as persistent and beatiful as i can, and believe me.. i hate spams as much as you do.
More stalking? I’ll be happy to have you in my circle.

Cheers for the delicious days ahead!

Facebook : Jack Putera
Twitter : @jackmagnifico

Instagram : @jackmagnifico
Email : jackmagnifico@gmail.com or hit thru contact form HERE.


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