Shichidon : (So Far) The Answer to My Gyutandon Cravings in Surabaya


So far so delicious, there are some specific reasons why i love Gyutandon.
A short explaination, Gyutandon is a Japanese authentic cuisine consists of Grilled Oxtongue over steamed rice, usually topped with spring onions & chili cut. Speaking of Gyutandon, most people around me always compared it with Menya’s. FYI, Menya is the so-called-BEST Gyutandon ever, located in Melbourne Central. Though i’ve never been there (even Melbourne), i believe in the myth that it is THAT good according to its reputation.

Long story short, there is a restaurant called Shichidon that i found in Galaxy Mal but seemed not going so well. Heard it previously open in Lenmarc Mall but already moved, and this year they are moving back West. This time trying out their luck in Spazio Building, one of the pioneer of food arcade in West Surabaya.

DSCF2461 DSCF2471 DSCF2472

Modern side of Japan shown in how they manage their Interior Design. Not missing the dominating wooden accent, They are really attached to japanese concept inside-out. Also love the way they put that Metro Sign-Board to emphasize the feelings of eating in a food stall near crowded-thoughtful-beautifully messed Japanese train station.

Zen hanging shelf
Zen hanging shelf

It’s my third visit this month, and this time i came with my senior food blogger, the famous one in Surabaya, the one and only INIJIE ! If you see any hands on the pictures below, they’re belong to him. Yeah, that’s a credit 🙂

Back and forth to Gyutandon, it rarely fails to make me happy. I’m a carnivore, and the delish-juicy-chewy-texture of oxtongue is not an exception. But yet, i visit Shichidon like 3 times in a month, so this time i am trying my luck in something different. A menu that caught my attention in a very first sight. Literally, it is an orange-coloured dish!

Beef Curry Cheese!

Well yeah, this is Beef Curry Ramen, seems like their newest creation. What picked my interests more is the EGGPORN on top of the cheese ocean. Still not running away from Gyutandon, you can keep scrolling down to see how it looks.
Hey, it’s still long way to go. More mouthwatering pictures below, so make sure your tummy is already filled up.

DSCF2494  DSCF2478

For some of you, Gyutandon might be a new thing. But for me, this Beef Curry Cheese is even NEWER side of the beauty. Yes, japanese food beauty. Oh well.. Back to the EGGPORN. It’s always nice to show how sunnyside up in frame. Somehow it gains even more LIKES on Instagram, LOL. And, there we go..

How the dish got “raped”

OH MY GOSH. I drooled myself when i edited this picture.

So because my tummy couldn’t wait a second more, i tore the magnificent cheese apart to see what’s inside. It is apparently exactly what matched to the eggporn & cheese flood. Juicy curried beef slices, and hot steamed rice. Everything was more perfect when you stir and blend all inside the bowl, and munch on. Damn, i thought heaven was that far. Kidding, it is really that far. Ha ha ha..

There are times when you are walking around Spazio, and cannot decide what to eat.. I recommend the really-deally delicious menus served by Shichidon, especially any of their menus ended with -Don. In my Instagram, i saw some people said their ramen was like yiikes…, oh well.. Okay, i’ve tried their ramen before, and yes i had many better ones out there. Nobody’s perfect, so does restaurant. As in example, i won’t recommend anyone to order chicken soup in KFC. You definitely have to order Crispy Fried Chicken there, right? You have to know what’s their best, simply by asking the waiter. Now, lucky you, it’s necessary no more since you’ve read this article.

When you don’t feel easy to afford a Melbourne Trip, or even Jakarta trip, here’s the answer to your Gyutandon Craving in Surabaya.

Cheers to more delicious adventure,
The Food Craver,


Shichidon Japanese Restaurant,

Instagram : @shichidonsby
Spazio Building G-Floor,
Jl.Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Kav. 3,
West Surabaya 60213.

Operational Hours

Monday – Thursday 12.00 pm – 22.00 pm
Friday & Sunday 12.00 pm – 23.00 pm
Saturday 16.00 pm – 23.00 pm


Beef Curry Cheese (IDR 50.000)
Gyutandon (IDR 45.000) + SUPERSIZE (IDR 9.000)
Cold Ocha (IDR 9.000)

Location on Map


2 thoughts on “Shichidon : (So Far) The Answer to My Gyutandon Cravings in Surabaya

    • Lucky me, that free-for-trial VSCOfilm on Lightroom matched the japanese feel well. Won’t use any filter for Soto or Pecel pictures.. hahaha.

      And yes, it is purposely not watermarked.. Simply because of idealism. I’m still waiting a right mood to do a personal branding, making logos, and set everything as perfect as i can. Well, but you know.. Procrastination always win, Rub..


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