JACKMAGNIFICO, is it you? Let’s make it short, call me Jack.

Hello, readers!

First thing first, i am Jack. An extraordinary minded dude with extraordinary body size (hell yeah, confidence for the win!)

I am a Bachelor of Art, graduated in 2014 from Petra Christian University, Visual Communication Design major. Not quite interesting, i won’t make the introduction any longer since i know you’ll be asking : Is JACKMAGNIFICO your real name? The answer is absolutely NO. It’s not that my parents were superhero maniac & purposely giving a weird name to me.

Shortly, magnifico is a word in ItalianĀ language, literally means magnificent-splendid-glorious-etc in English. Now you got the point. For me, it’s just kinda cool name i used for my nickname in parallel world, called online game. Sadly yes, i was a gamer. Since i stopped gaming in 2011, i already wasted up that ‘magnifico‘ in all my email address, social media ID and where-ever i put my identity in. So, i left it still because i was simply lazy to change it all. I’m jack-magnifico and surprisingly the name is getting unique so people recognized me easily.

imgg (8)

oops, don’t be so sure. it was me in 2013. FYI i’m a dozen bigger than this now. LOL.

Well.. Reading this first post will be so boring huh, so i will get straight to the main topic.
I am going to bring this blog primarily for Food.
To be honest, i have no vision before about becoming who i am right now. People know me as a food blogger when i don’t have the blog yet. I was just sharing pictures of my food spots in Instagram. Who knows that’s a momentum, at least for me.

So let’s end it up. More chit chats and stories, let’s meet up! I’m available for cheap talks & professional meetings. A cup of coffee would be enough for a long lasting friendship with you.


J, The Food Craver.
@jackmagnifico on Instagram.


Hit some words :)

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