Matcha Cafe : Everything with Green Tea is Loveable.

Everything was started from a simple visit to this humble tiny spot at Western Surabaya. Been heard its presence since it opened two months ago, but rarely get a chance to give a try. There was a day when i was looking for the place and turned 3 times at Kupang Indah Street but couldn’t find a hint where it is located. But finally,¬†i make it to the place. Eventhough i found the place is quite tiny and crowded, from the very first step in, i started to love this place.

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Shichidon : (So Far) The Answer to My Gyutandon Cravings in Surabaya


So far so delicious, there are some specific reasons why i love Gyutandon.
A short explaination, Gyutandon is a Japanese authentic cuisine consists of Grilled Oxtongue over steamed rice, usually topped with spring onions & chili cut.¬†Speaking of Gyutandon, most people around me always compared it with Menya’s. FYI, Menya is the so-called-BEST Gyutandon ever, located in Melbourne Central. Though i’ve never been there (even Melbourne), i believe in the myth that it is THAT good according to its reputation.

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Warung Babi Guling Ibu Ayu Komang : Balinese Gem with Touch of Surabaya.


One fine day, my friend Hendrik was asking me out for lunch.

It was definitely an interesting offer because in my holiday situation, no food served at home.
You know, the maids went home for Lebaran holiday.
So here we go, heading to a place we’ve been dreaming to visit from weeks ago.

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JACKMAGNIFICO, is it you? Let’s make it short, call me Jack.

Hello, readers!

First thing first, i am Jack. An extraordinary minded dude with extraordinary body size (hell yeah, confidence for the win!)

I am a Bachelor of Art, graduated in 2014 from Petra Christian University, Visual Communication Design major. Not quite interesting, i won’t make the introduction any longer since i know you’ll be asking : Is JACKMAGNIFICO your real name? The answer is absolutely NO. It’s not that my parents were superhero maniac & purposely giving a weird name to me.

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