Matcha Cafe : Everything with Green Tea is Loveable.

Everything was started from a simple visit to this humble tiny spot at Western Surabaya. Been heard its presence since it opened two months ago, but rarely get a chance to give a try. There was a day when i was looking for the place and turned 3 times at Kupang Indah Street but couldn’t find a hint where it is located. But finally, i make it to the place. Eventhough i found the place is quite tiny and crowded, from the very first step in, i started to love this place.

Wall mural by my talented fellows @devlinputra & @edwin27te
Spotted there with white shirt : Albert Rahardjo, the man behind Peco Peco Sushi. Say Hi!
That fabulous japanese-feel logo.
What they didn’t miss : Japanese lanterns!

I came along with INIJIE and his new devoted copywriter, Kenny. Together, we joined our appetite against the offered menu and decided to order two parfaits for three. One Cake Parfait (with Matcha Soft) and one Candy Parfait (with Almond Soft). In the first glance, their parfaits are presented beautifully. I love their idea of putting that matcha jelly on the bottom-most of the glass, because i was bloody curious how it taste like. But i decided to enjoy it slowly, from the uppermost.

DSC01578 DSC01574

First layer was definitely the ice cream (both Matcha and Almond soft), the flavor was rich and made my spoon unstoppable. They were beautified with different toppings. Matcha Parfait was topped with matcha cake (i didn’t try it but somehow it looks nice next to the Matcha Soft) combined with shiratama (kind of japanese mochi) and two pretty stick of Strawberry Pocky on the Candy Parfait. Second layer of both parfaits is soft cream, and especially on Cake Parfait, they added up some red beans, its sweet combo. A big difference between these two, the Candy Parfait has BERRY BOBBA(s) in the second layer! It’s a real vantage point that makes Candy Parfait conquered the battle.

Mid layer of the CakeParfait was corn flakes. Ah, so the crispy bites along with sweet matcha is a brilliant combo. For me, i prefer the Candy Parfait that contains Fruity Pebbles cereal. Same crisp, same texture, slightly sweeter than the Matcha. The duet between sweet almond soft & fruity pebbles is somehow indulging but a bit oversweet.
Finally on the bottom layer, the matcha jelly. Fit in to the whole parfait perfectly. Nice and satisfying aftertaste.

The Cake Parfait alone

Oh, of course we didn’t forget to get some munchies. It is a mandatory! So we decided to order one Grilled Cheese Sandwich. All hail cheese, that was definitely savory and friendly in the tongue. The toast was grilled to perfection and crispy in result. Not a bad move at all. Our friends actually recommended the OKONOMIYAKI but we decided not to order it, because we’ve had enough for today. Maybe next time?

Lonely Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Lonely Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Having almost an hour of conversations & jokes, dehidration strikes us afterwards. We ordered one of their most unique drink named Ceremonial Matcha Tea.

Ceremonial Matcha Tea

The drink was considered unique because we have to make the tea in unusual way. If we know that in most cafes they provide tea bag and hot water, here they don’t even use tea bag. We have to pour the hot water to that green tea powder bowl and stir it up with the very japanese bamboo-tea whisk.

However tiny the spot is, they are still full of people who loves instagenic dessert & cafe. (especially #Instanonik)
And moreover, you can say that most edible thing nowadays added green tea as an optional flavor (e.g Terang Bulan / Martabak Manis, Snacks, Drinks, and even Indomie.)

As a humour quote said, “Everything with green tea is easily taken. So if you have SINGLE friends, pour them with green tea and voila! single no more.” LOL. But to be serious, in this trending era, i think everything with green tea is loveable. Best of luck for Matcha Cafe!

Cheers to more delicious adventure,
The Food Craver.



Matcha Cafe,

Instagram : @thematchacafe
Jl. Raya Kupang Indah 21
(Between Kapin & Tomoto Restaurant)

Operational Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 11.00 pm – 22.00 pm
Friday & Saturday 11.00 pm – 23.00 pm
Tuesday CLOSED.


Cake Parfait – IDR 40k
Candy Parfait – IDR 38k
Grilled Cheese Sandwich – IDR 35k
Ceremonial Matcha Tea – IDR 25k


WiFi – Yes.
Valet – No.
Electrical Socket – Yes.
Paying with cash & debit is acceptable.
Overall impression : 8/10

Location on Map


4 thoughts on “Matcha Cafe : Everything with Green Tea is Loveable.

  1. Hopefully this comment goes through!
    I agree 100% about the Japanese feel, always so beautiful and inviting. I also love your photography and that film look you give your pictures! I’m always conflicted between making my photos stark/moody/dramatic and muted/bright like this. It’s so hard to choose one style!


    • Hi Ellie,
      Thank you for those kind words.
      I was giving the film-ish filter in purpose.
      Luckily it matched the japanese theme well.
      Talking about style, it’s absolutely your call. But for me, i’m just following the mood :p


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